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Social Worker

The social worker takes on many roles at Red Pine Elementary. They provide educational support groups, track student attendance and provide resource information for students and families in crisis.

The social worker provides supportive services to the students through group and individual work. Groups are designed to build self-esteem, while offering students opportunities to learn life skills such as, problem-solving, making appropriate choices and conflict resolution.

Students requiring individual attention may meet with the social worker for a few sessions to several weeks, depending on student need. Contact the school, if you are interested in having your child participate in a group or work with the social worker individually.

The social worker notifies the parents/guardians of their child’s attendance records. Regular school attendance is important for student’s educational and social development.

The social work position offers services to families dealing with transition or crisis. The social worker may assist families needing informational materials, strategies for school performance or to locate community resources.

Meg Bell