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Music classes here at Red Pine provide students with frequent opportunities to actively participate in a wide variety of exciting musical activities. Creating, performing, listening, responding, and evaluation are basic things people do with music. Young children particularly learn by doing. At Red Pine, music students have experiences in singing, playing instruments, moving, and creating music. Since music is an area that must be experienced and internalized to be understood, active participation by all students is the key to success. Students also learn to read, notate, listen, analyze, evaluate, and discuss music.

In our diverse global society, young students need to begin to understand their own heritage as well as that of their peers. Students at Red Pine are given the opportunity to become acquainted with ethnic music from all over the globe.

Music Program Dates:

  • Grade 1: Pending due to Covid
  • Grade 2: Pending due to Covid
  • Grade 3: Pending due to Covid
  • Grade 4: Pending due to Covid
  • Grade 5: Pending due to Covid
Anna Roberts