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RP Newsletter 9/23/2019

Red Pine School Newsletter

Week of September 23 - 27, 2019 
Monday         cycle day  - 5C - 4th Grade Artist in Residence (Today through Friday)

Tuesday        cycle day  - 1D

Wednesday  cycle day  - 2A  

Thursday      cycle day  - 3B

Friday           cycle day  - 4C  - Student Council Sponsored International Heritage Day


School News: 

Meeting for New Identification Process Being Used in District 196 GT Program

On Thursday, September 26th there will be a RAVE chapter meeting that is open to all families interested in the GT identification process. It begins at 7 pm at Falcon Ridge Middle School in the Lecture Room. This will be the first scheduled parent information night about GT identification. More parent information nights are being scheduled in October. We will share the details for those meetings once they have been finalized. For further information please click on the following link:

Upcoming RAVE/MCGT Meeting-

Parent/Family Member Drop Ins

While we certainly appreciate the many amazing volunteers we have that help us out at Red Pine, we'd like to remind family members to always let your child's teacher know when you are coming in to help. We would also like to remind families about how important instructional time is to us here at Red Pine. When a parent or family member just drops by to say "hi" to their child in the classroom, it is often a distraction to the class. You are all encouraged to come volunteer or have lunch with your child, but please try to avoid disrupting what is happening in the classroom. Thank you for understanding.

Address Changes

Please be sure to let the Red Pine office know of any home address change and/or telephone number changes that occur during the school year or in the summer.  We need to be made aware of the exact address and when the move occurs. This information is extremely important not only to the Red Pine front office and nurse’s office, but also to District 196 Transportation and Student Information departments. Please call the front office at 651-423-7870 to report ANY changes.

Thank you for your cooperation!


News from the Bird Feeder:

To Access FeePay 

Families new to the district can locate information on creating an Infinite Campus parent portal account and FeePay set up at

Using FeePay is easier than ever and you may still make payments with no fees!

· You may access any and all information, including balances, meal purchases and account payments in FeePay for one or all of your family members.

· We encourage you to set up low-balance reminders via email.

 Our breakfast and lunch menus are available monthly and can be accessed at to view or print (one week or month) when you click on “Menus”. Choose a school and then breakfast or lunch. You can also download the FREE smartphone or tablet app.

We always WELCOME Visitors to join us for lunch.  Our students love it!!!

Thank you!

Cheryl Rosa

Food and Nutrition Manager

Red Pine Elementary


News From the Nurse’s Office:

Continued reminders in case you missed them:

 1)      Put an extra set of clothes in your students’ backpack (K-5) for muddy days, spills and accidents.

2)      If you request the nurse to give ANY prescription medication, I will NEED a doctor’s order as required by my license as a Registered Nurse and a Licensed School Nurse.

3)      If your child has SEVERE allergies that require an epi pen or the equivalent, please bring it in to me ASAP with doctor’s orders.

4)      Please update the computer with your phone numbers!!! This is the first place I will look to reach you in case of an emergency or questions regarding your child. Also make sure your voice mailbox is not full!!

 As always – water bottles – please have your child bring them in daily with fresh water.  This helps with headaches, stomachaches, fatigue and sore throats.

Have a great weekend!!

Nurse Danna Banana ;)

Danna Steffen, RN, BSN, LSN, PHN Direct Phone: 651-423-7871 / Fax: 651-423-7875


PTO News:

OPEN GYM during PTO Meetings! Save the date >>> October 3rd   6:30 - 8 pm

We would love to have you join us for our PTO meetings this year!  We will be having supervised OPEN GYM for your K-5 children while you attend the meeting.  Come get involved and let your kids have some physical fun! 

Community News:

3rd Annual Irish Way 5k/1-Mile Fun Run

Thursday, October 3 at 5pm

REGISTRATION (click here…it’s free!)

Celebrate the spirit of homecoming and run for respect, compassion, gratitude, honesty, integrity, perseverance, responsibility, acceptance, tolerance, and self-discipline - all virtues of the Irish Way. There has never been a better time to spread these messages in our community. The Irish Way 5K is an opportunity for all members in the Rosemount community to come together for a 5K or 1-mile run/walk to support the Irish Way values. Runners, joggers and walkers of all abilities will enjoy a course that winds through paved paths near the school. Strollers and leashed dogs are also welcome on the course. Watch as our local students demonstrate these qualities in their daily activities, at home, school or in the community. Race hosted by the Rosemount Middle School Parent Leadership team.  

Details: Irish Way 5K Fun Run (Race events begin in front of Rosemount Middle School)
Date: Thursday, October 3 at 5pm

The 5K begins at 5:00pm. The 1 mile begins at 5:30pm. (The 1 mile and 5K courses are not certified courses)

Cost:  Free

Child Supervision - Dakota County Guidelines

Minnesota law does not provide a specific age a child must be before he or she may be left home alone or left under the care of another child. There are general laws, however, that require adequate and appropriate supervision of children. 

County child protection offices are required to enforce that general law. As a result, Dakota County Child Protection has adopted guidelines to define those situations when it will investigate or assess a report of children who may be inadequately supervised.

One of the most important ways to keep children safe is for children to be supervised by an adult or other responsible caregiver. Child Protection will assign a social worker to look into the safety of a child if the rules below are not followed for children:

·       Under the age of 8 are never left alone for any period of time

·       Ages 8-10 may be left alone for less than three hours

·       Ages 11-13 may be left alone for less than 12 hours

·       Ages 14-15 may be left alone for less than 24 hours

·       Ages 16-17 may be left alone for longer if there is a plan in place about how to respond to an emergency

Age when children can babysit other children:
Children under age 11 should not provide childcare to other children. For children age 11 and older who are providing childcare, the same limits apply to them based on their age as described above. For example, a 12-year-old who is babysitting still cannot be left alone for more than 12 hours.

Other factors impact when children can be left alone:
Age matters, but your child may need to be older depending on abilities, activities and environment. Child Protection may assign a social worker if a child still seems unsafe alone based on these factors:

  • A child’s age, mental ability and maturity level

  • Accessibility of the parent, guardian or designated caretaker to a child by phone and/or in person

  • The presence of intellectual deficits, psychological issues, mental health concerns, and/or physical problems like illness or disabilities

  • Behavioral history of a child, including suicidal thoughts or actions, fire setting, delinquency, vandalism, or assault

  • A child’s age if using the kitchen stove, an iron or other appliance

  • Fire safety, including a well-understood escape plan created by the parent/guardian, a fire drill rehearsed with a child, a working fire/smoke detector in the home

  • Any unusual hazards in the home that reasonably cause extra risk, including unsecured/accessible firearms and ammunition

  • If the child feels confident and safe when left alone

Use common sense:
The bottom line for parents is to avoid situations that fit the investigation or assessment criteria and to use common sense in all situations. Please remember that leaving children home alone can be a risk, and parents should always do whatever they can to reduce the risks. Please make sure to discuss emergency situations with your child if they are left unattended and make sure they can readily find you or a responsible adult quickly if needed.


Call Dakota County Social Services, Children and Family Intake, at 952-891-7459.

Source: Minnesota Child Maltreatment Intake, Screening and Response Path Guidelines DHS-5144 12/15 and Minnesota Statutes 626.556, Reporting of Maltreatment of Minors

Last updated: 8/10/2017 4:34 AM