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RP School Newsletter 6/3/2019

Red Pine School Newsletter

Week of June 3 - 6, 2019

School News:

Monday         cycle day   2

Tuesday        cycle day   3

Wednesday   cycle day   4 – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

ALL LOST and FOUND ITEMS >> Will be donated if not claimed by FRIDAY, MAY 31

Last chance to reclaim missing items.  Please some and look through the lost and found.  We will be gathering it all up on May 31 and donating it.

Doing Spring Cleaning? 

Kindergarten is looking for some of the following items to add to our learning centers:  Hot Dots Jr. sets, Polly Pockets, Magnatiles, and Legos.  If you have any of these in good shape that you'd like to donate, please send in to the office or Kristen Henning.  Thank you!

Student Council Spring Update:

The Red Pine Student Council had a wonderful 2018-2019 school year!  In March and April, the student council helped to raise $1,700 dollars for Pennies for Patients!  Success!  The past two years have been record breaking when it comes to new blood cancer treatments being made available. Of the incredible 39 new blood cancer treatments approved by the FDA in 2017 and 2018 The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society helped fund 34.  Again, none of this progress would be possible without the help of incredible partners like the students, families and staff at Red Pine Elementary.    

  In April, our student council helped lead an optional SCREEN FREE WEEK!  We had 197 participants this year.  Success!

Our Fifth Grade Student Council Officers were able to participate in a “Pencil to Power” program.  The officers wrote letters to students in India and received a letter back.  Another success, as the SC Officers helped with this special bridging of cultures.

During this last week of school, Red Pine is collecting educational supplies for El Paso, Texas.  There is a box by the front office.  We will be collecting:

*Backpacks                  *Books *Notebooks      *Writing utensils(Gently Used)

 Our final Student Council sponsored dress up day will be the last day of school, Wednesday, June 5th , Red Pine Day!  Students are invited to wear any Red Pine spirit wear or RED to help celebrate a great 2018-2019 school year at Red Pine.  Next year will be Red Pine’s 25th year celebration.  Be looking for celebration activities throughout next year. 

We are grateful to be a part of a loving school that cares about helping others in our community.  We want to express our gratitude for our wonderful Red Pine families who have raised such kind and loving students.  Thanks for a great school year!

Your Student Council Advisors,

Kristen Anderson and Linda Denmark

Things to Remember Through the Summer:

A NEW ‘Transportation for Students in Day Care Notice’ needs to be filled out each time there is a change in your child’s day care or any time your child is coming from or going to an address other than home for after school care.  Please remember this is the only way we have of communicating with transportation the bussing needs of your child and ensures a safe and smooth release time for your child.  In addition, a new form needs to be filled out each new school year so the bus route can be adjusted accordingly in the fall. 

Please call the Red Pine main office at 651-423-7870 if you need a form. 

Forms may be returned to Red Pine office.


---Thank you for your cooperation.


Here is the link to the Red Pine Elementary 2019–2020 School Supply List:

Red Pine's Year in Review 2018-2019

Thank you to our wonderful Student Council Officers for their excellent leadership!

Our Awesome Co-Presidents, Sam Schmucker and Emma Kuker
Community Service Representatives, Makenna Becker, Chloe Thomas, Owen Juntilla, and Nolen Hanson
Secretaries, Emmy Biebel and Ireland McDermott
Publicity Captains, Mhari Telfer, Caroline Mulrooney, and Clara Laliberte
Technology Captains, Zach Forsline and Leif Wolke
School Store Advisor, Grace Johnson
Treasurer/School Store Captains, Kyle Peterson, Andrew Nelson, Eshal Shahzad, Rachel Joseph, Ireland McDermott, Kyleena Toeller, and Hannah Ruiz
Advisor and Specialist Assistants, Addison Eisold, Cadance Newman, Piper Hulbut, Harper Chappuis, Elyse Joas, Autumn Jacobson, and Orrin Budde
Kindergarten/First Grade Classroom Representative, Ari Paitich, Claire Gertonson, Amanda Smelter, Nellie Shields, Anna Tuchscherer, Addison Adam, Reece Rasmussen, Natalia Smookler, Nolen Hansen, and Bella Berkeland
Classroom Representatives, Nicholas Smrstick, Allison Fliger, Dyana Reyes, Katie Preiner, and Max Schneider
Great job Red Pine Student Council leaders!

Congratulations to our Three Creative Destination Imagination Teams!

Red Pine's amazing Weird But True team, Kennedy Lynn, Melody Moran-Omana, Olivia Onunwor, Lila Potokar, and Lindsay Tezoquipa, did a great job building a structure that held a lot of weight in the engineering challenge and created a fantastic original song and dance!  A Big Thank You to parent manager Kinga Orban for doing a fantastic job managing!  Way to go team!  Red Pine is so proud of you!

Red Pine's 5th Grade team, Imagination Army, challlenged themselves with the Service Project challenge, raising $750 for Gillette Children's hospital and making blankets for kids, qualifying for the State Tournament!  The Imagination Army represented Red Pine very well and we're so proud of these kids!  CongratualationsMakenna Becker, Kaitlyn Calhoun, Daniel Eckstrom, Maddie Reed, Abby Schlede, and Chloe Thomas!  A Big Thank You to parent managers Mike Reed and Jeff Becker for doing an outstanding job managing!  Way to go team!  Red Piine is so proud of you!

Red Pine's Terrific Thinking Turtles team, made up of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders, chose the Fine Arts Challenge, Game On, and they won 1st Place at the Regional Tournament, moving on to the State Tournament where they also did an Amazing job!  A Big Congratulations to Nick Garnsworhty, Maddie Garnsworthy, Krista Lee, Lily Colburn, Matthew Schader, Chloe Monssenand Greta Kemming!  A Big Thank You to parent manager Jen Garnsworthy for doing an an amazing job managing!  Way to go team!  Red Pine is so proud of you!

Only five District 196 elementary school teams qualified for the State DI Tournament and two of those five teams are from Red Pine.  Wow, that is amazing!

Congratulations to Red Pine's FLL Lego League Team!

Red Pine's fantastic FLL Lego League team competed with experienced Middle School teams and still made it to the Final Round, the Championship Round, of the Head to Head Competition, winning 2nd Place at their Tournament!

Way to go Brayden Burma, Keegan Doring, Zach Forsline, Maddie Garnsworthy, Nick Garnsworthy, Nicholas Guille, Victor Gutierrez, Brady Hanson, Piper Hurlbut, Will Lissick, Andrew Nelson, Kyle Peterson, Eshal Shahzad, and Leif Wolke!

Outstanding job to Andrew Nelson for being cool under pressure and leading the team to the Championship Round of the Head to Head Competition along with some excellent help from Nick Garnsworthy, Leif Wolke, Maddie Garnsworthy, and Nicholas Guille!  They had some amazing moments challenging those experienced Middle School teams!  Way to go team!  Red Pine is so proud of you!

Congratulations to Red Pine's Math Olympiad Teams!

Great job to 5th graders Brayden Burma, Claire Gertonson, Lucas Gourde, Autumn Jacobson, Elyse Joas, Rachel Joseph, Tyler McCracken, Layne Negaard, Alyse Riley, Amanda Smelter, and Leif Wolke!

Fantastic job to 4th graders Naia Brass, Malaya Chartier, Ben Clemen, Ryan Collotzi, Elijah Daniel, Muaz Diwan, Landon Dy, Nick Garnsworthy, Jackson Gier, Gage Halvorson, Tanner Kurth, Jaidan Lapastora, Grace Marsden, Jacob Marsden, Colling McMullen, Anthony McNamara, Henry Olson, Amisha Ramlall, Matthew Schader, Chase Sullivan, and Hayden Webb!

A Big Congratulations to Muaz Diwan, Nick Garnsworthy, and Amish Ramlall for having the highest Math Olympiad scores in 4th grade!

Terrific job to 3rd graders Evelynn Becker, Connor Caffrey, Elizabeth Ellis, Ronan Lehr, Chloe Monssen, Ty Peterson, Jona Starks, Zoe Starks, Matthew Stier, andHannah Willander!

A Big Congratulations to Ty Peterson, Elizabeth Ellis, and Ronan Lehr for having the highest Math Olympiad scores in 3rd grade!

Congratulations to the following students for earning certificates and patches for having scores in the top 50% of all Math Olympians!  Way to go Makenna Becker, Jake Bromley, Harper Chappuis, Levi Cinnamo, Elise Congemi, Chase Diederich, Muaz Diwan, Charlie Forester, Zach Forsline, Olivia Groebner, Nicholas Guille, Owen Juntilla, Trevin Kaja, Emma Kuker, Brayden Kurtis, Ireland McDermott, Caroline Mulrooney, Andrew Nelson, Jenna O'Keefe, Morgan Olund, Kyle Peterson, Joe Rippie, Max Schneider, Will Schneider, Alex Schroepfer, Gavin Schwans, Eshal Shahzad, Tianna Thoennes, Chloe Thomas, Kyleena Toeller, and Greta Willander!

This next group of Math Olympians earned a silver pin for having scores in the top 10% of all Math Olympians!  Way to go Makenna Becker, Jake Bromley, Levi Cinnamo, Owen Juntilla, Emma Kuker, Ireland McDermott, Andrew Nelson, Alex Schroepfer, Kyleena Toeller, Jenna O'Keefe, Morgan Olund, and Kyle Peterson!

This next group of Math Olympians earned a gold pine for scores in the top 2% of all Math Olympians.  They also tied for the top score this year and earned a trophy.  Way to go and a Big Congratulations to Chase Diederich, Nicholas Guille, and Gavin Schwans for being our top scoring Math Olympians!

Congratulations to Red Pine's Perennial Math Champions!

Fantastic job to the following students for scoring in the top 10% of all Perennial Mathletes and earning a certificate and dog tag!  Way to go Makenna Becker, Jake Bromley, Levi Cinnamo, Elise Congemi, Chase Diederich, Charlie Forester, Zach Forsline, Olivia Groebner, Nicholas Guille, Owen Juntilla, Trevin Kaja, Emma Kuker, Ireland McDermott, Andrew Nelson, Jenna O'Keefe, Morgan Olund, Kyle Peterson, Alex Schroepfer, Gavin Schwans, Tianna Thoennes, and Kyleena Toeller!

The next group of Perennial Mathletes tied for the top 4 scores in Perennial Math and earned a top score medal.  Way to go and A Big Congratulations to Makenna Becker, Elise Congemi, Olivia Groebner, and Andrew Nelson!

Congratulations to Red Pine's Math Masters Champions!

Red Pine had two amazing Math Masters teams compete at a Regional Tournament in Maplewood with 30 teams.  They won 4th and 7th place, getting perfect scores and near perfect scores in their team rounds.

A Big Congratulations to Red Pine's Marvelous Maestros team for earning 7th place!  Way to go Nicholas Guille, Kyle Peterson, Joe Rippie, Gavin Schwans, and Tianna Thoennes!

A Big Congratulations to Red Pine's Fantastic Five team for earning 4th place!  They all received medals!  Way to go Makenna Becker, Jake Bromley, Owen Juntilla, Emma Kuker, and Kyleena Toeller!

In Individual Competition, Emma Kuker earned a medal for coming in 9th place out of 153 students.  Jake Bromley earned a blue ribbon for coming in 12th place and Makenna Becker earned a blue ribbon for coming in 15th place.  Both teams and all ten students did extremely well in the order of operations competition too, earning medals and blue ribbons, and all represented Red Pine very proudly among many very talented mathematicians!  Way to go Red Pine Math Masters!

Congratulations to Red Pine's Writing Contest Winners!

A Big Congratulations to 3rd grader Elizabeth Ellis for winning 1st Place in this year's Red Pine Writing Contest with her fantastic Fiction Story, The Good, The Bad, and the Furry!  Way to go Elizabeth!

A Big Congratulations to 1st grader Hafsa Siddiqui for winning 1st Place in the primary grades for this year's Red Pine Writing Contest for Poetry with her poems about Spring time.  Way to go Hafsa!

A Big Congratulations to 5th grader William Schneider for winning 1st Place in the intermediate grades for this year's Red Pine Writing Contest for Poetry with his outstanding poem about a maple tree.  Way to go Will!

Congratulations to all of Red Pine's excellent writers.

Please enjoy watching Red Pine's 5th Grade Slide Show 2018-2019

Click on the link below if you'd like to see highlights from 5th Grade this year!


News from the Bird Feeder:

With the end of the school year approaching:

 --- Parents, please be aware of your child’s lunch account balance.

--- Plan for 4 days of school to prepay.

We welcome all visitors to join us for lunchtime!!!!

To see the current Nutrition News Flash information please click the link below:

English - Nutrition News Flash

Spanish - Noticias de Nutrición

What is the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)?

The SFSP is a federally funded, state-administered program. The SFSP reimburses providers who serve free healthy meals to children and teens during the summer months when school is not in session. Kids just show up and eat. No registration required.

Here are the links for the May English Nutrition Newsletter and Noticias De Nutricion. Included is information regarding the summer feeding programs locations, dates and time and some fun activities in the area.

Thank you!

Cheryl Rosa

Food and Nutrition

Red Pine Elementary

Nurse’s Corner:

Medication:  Epi Pen and Inhalers will be placed in your child’s back pack the last day of school to take home.  Please call me if you would rather pick it up.


Summer Hours: August 20th and 21st from 7 am to 7pm for assessments and week of August 26th, the times will vary. These are great times to bring in new medication orders and medication for the fall.  All orders need to be dated 2019-2020 school year.  This is also a good time to get a vision or hearing screening done.  Please call to make an appointment with me.  K, 2, 4 Hearing screening (if you do not have any hearing device) and 1,3,5 vision screening (if you do not wear glasses).

Enjoy the Sunshine!!!

Nurse Danna Banana ;)

Danna Steffen, RN, BSN, LSN, PHN Direct Phone: 651-423-7871 / Fax: 651-423-7875

PTO News:

From the Red Pine PTO:

Thanks everyone for a great school year! We have had so many wonderful volunteers on all our various committees and PTO board. It has been great serving the Red Pine Community! Look for more information about volunteering at assessment in the fall. In the meantime, please consider being the PTO Treasurer, part of the Art Adventure, School Directory, Garden Committee, and Health and Wellness! Email for more information.

Have a great summer!

Help Red Pine this summer!

- Remember to save your Box Tops during the summer for the 2019-2020 school year! We earned over $1500 so far this school year.

- Love Amazon? Use AmazonSmile.  No need to create another account, just use your Amazon sign-in information at and 0.5% of your eligible item amounts are donated to Red Pine.

- Got Coke or Powerade? Save your caps and turn them into the school in the fall or scan in them in yourself at


School Supplies:

The Write Stuff ordering site is up and running for School Supplies 2019-2020. 

Supplies can be ordered online through May 31, 2019 to have them delivered for free and to school (where they will be available during the Open House). For each pack sold, Red Pine earns $1.00! Supplies can be ordered online from June 1 - July 15, 2019.

Please note that after July 15th you will no longer be able to order supplies. This information is also listed on the website.

If you have any questions, please contact Dawn Horarik  952-240-4928 or

Red Pine Elementary School Supplies - The Write Stuff

Community News:

 Gary Anger Scholarship

The first $500 scholarship in memory of Gary Anger was awarded to Sydney Cochran from Rosemount High School.

Congrats and best wishes for a successful college career at Gustavus Adolphus College. 

Wildcat Junior Golf Classic 2019

Tuesday, June 18, event starts at 10 am  

For boys & girls ages 10-14 years old--tell your friends and siblings!

Play a fun round of golf at Inver Wood Golf Course

$30 includes: 9 holes of golf played with EHS golf team, t-shirt, lunch, gift bag, games, raffle & more!

To get registration form and for more details, go to:

Child Supervision - Dakota County Guidelines

Minnesota law does not provide a specific age a child must be before he or she may be left home alone or left under the care of another child. There are general laws, however, that require adequate and appropriate supervision of children. 

County child protection offices are required to enforce that general law. As a result, Dakota County Child Protection has adopted guidelines to define those situations when it will investigate or assess a report of children who may be inadequately supervised.

One of the most important ways to keep children safe is for children to be supervised by an adult or other responsible caregiver. Child Protection will assign a social worker to look into the safety of a child if the rules below are not followed for children:

·       Under the age of 8 are never left alone for any period of time

·       Ages 8-10 may be left alone for less than three hours

·       Ages 11-13 may be left alone for less than 12 hours

·       Ages 14-15 may be left alone for less than 24 hours

·       Ages 16-17 may be left alone for longer if there is a plan in place about how to respond to an emergency

Age when children can babysit other children:
Children under age 11 should not provide childcare to other children. For children age 11 and older who are providing childcare, the same limits apply to them based on their age as described above. For example, a 12-year-old who is babysitting still cannot be left alone more than 12 hours.

Other factors impact when children can be left alone:
Age matters, but your child may need to be older depending on abilities, activities and environment. Child Protection may assign a social worker if a child still seems unsafe alone based on these factors:

  • A child’s age, mental ability and maturity level
  • Accessibility of the parent, guardian or designated caretaker to a child by phone and/or in person
  • The presence of intellectual deficits, psychological issues, mental health concerns, and/or physical problems like illness or disabilities
  • Behavioral history of a child, including suicidal thoughts or actions, fire setting, delinquency, vandalism, or assault
  • A child’s age if using the kitchen stove, an iron or other appliance
  • Fire safety, including a well-understood escape plan created by the parent/guardian, a fire drill rehearsed with a child, a working fire/smoke detector in the home
  • Any unusual hazards in the home that reasonably cause extra risk, including unsecured/accessible firearms and ammunition
  • If the child feels confident and safe when left alone

Use common sense
The bottom line for parents is to avoid situations that fit the investigation or assessment criteria and to use common sense in all situations. Please remember that leaving children home alone can be a risk, and parents should always do whatever they can to reduce the risks. Please make sure to discuss emergency situations with your child if they are left unattended and make sure they can readily find you or a responsible adult quickly if needed.

Call Dakota County Social Services, Children and Family Intake, at 952-891-7459.

Source: Minnesota Child Maltreatment Intake, Screening and Response Path Guidelines DHS-5144 12/15 and Minnesota Statutes 626.556, Reporting of Maltreatment of Minors

Last updated: 8/10/2017 4:34 AM